Cafe Bicycle Racks

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Securabike Cafe racks were recently used at this cycling event for Vivo coffee in Brisbane Australia. The cafe racks come in sizes from one to eight bikes and can be wheeled out for use during the day and then wheeled back in at night. It is a great idea for any cafe's or restaurants that are frequented by cyclists or want to attract more.

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Welcome to Securabike®, we offer all your bicycle security parking needs. The Securabike® range provides both temporary and permanent bicycle parking.

Our Aim
No matter what your type of cycling, Securabike aims to provide practical and easy to use bike parking equipment for your arrival at any location.

Welcome to Securabike, the home of bicycle parking products including bike racks, bike cages, bike lockers, bicycle shelters, end of journey facilities and accessories such as bicycle signage or clothes lockers. We even have a great range of low cost bike racks for your home or apartment.

For over 15 years Securabike has provided cyclists and clients the largest range of bike parking options available. Cycling has exploded in use in many countries and not all purchasers of bike parking equipment for commercial projects are regular cyclists, so here at Securabike we have tried to make life easy for specifiers such as architects, construction companies often responsible for installing such equipment in projects and property management companies that need to manage and maintain bike parking. Our website and Bicycle Parking Handbook, which is our comprehensive 121 page guide to all matters related to bike parking, explains the A to Z of bike parking requirements including:

  • Security
  • Spacing of equipment and bicycles
  • Aisle widths
  • Vertical or horizontal storage
  • Individual or shared equipment
  • Double story options
  • Scooter and skateboard storage (New)

Design is our strength and we can assist projects on layout and spacing options. This is provided for commercial projects where space is a premium and bike parking demand is strong. We address the challenge of how to fit as many bikes as possible in a designated area while still providing functional access and bike parking equipment. Contact our offices for further assistance on your project and product drawings are also available to specifiers doing their own layouts.